50+ Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar That Can Make Your Life Easier

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As history would have it, apple cider vinegar was discovered almost accidentally and independently in different parts of the world when jugs of wine were left uncovered for a long time. The traces of this product date back to 5000 BC when Babylonians used it as a preservative and started experimenting by mixing apple cider vinegar with spices and herbs. Apple cider vinegar has a long history and there are a great variety of purposes it can be used for nowadays, apart from being a topping for your salad.

Food additive is probably the first thing associated with apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV. However, there are many more purposes it can be used for like sore throats, dandruff, foot odor, bathroom mold, and even garden weeds — you’ll be surprised to know you can solve all of these problems with the bottle of apple cider vinegar you keep in your pantry.

Bright Side wants to share this collection of 50+ apple cider vinegar tips with you.

For your beauty

Acids found in apple cider vinegar fight the fungus that contributes to dandruff that grows on the scalp. Mix equal parts ACV and water in a spray bottle. Apply this remedy to clean hair, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Drinking diluted ACV and applying DIY vinegar-based shampoo will help you fight balding. ACV fights scalp buildup and improves blood circulation to hair follicles.

For your health

Apple cider vinegar can help with some minor health problems but remember that it’s not a substitute for medication and you should visit a doctor if your health bothers you.

An apple cider vinegar compress can be effective in speeding up the healing of bruises. Vinegar enhances blood flow and helps dissolve the blood that has collected in the bruised area.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, organic ACV can be used to treat the symptoms of sinus infections that cause swelling in the nasal area. You can prepare DIY vinegar rinse by mixing ½-1 tsp of vinegar with a cup of warm water.

If you want to get rid of heartburn symptoms, mix 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it during your meal. ACV lowers the stomach acidity and tones the lower esophageal sphincter preventing stomach acid from traveling back into the esophagus.

Organic ACV is a good natural product for removing warts. Remember that ACV only helps to eliminate the warts, but it doesn’t cure you from the HPV virus that causes warts.

Apple cider vinegar can improve your digestion by delaying the food passage from the stomach to the small intestine and helping food to break down easier. Mix ACV with water in different proportions to treat the symptoms of indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea.

ACV is also good for improving your immune system. If you are brave enough for experiments, prepare a DIY immune-boosting tincture by mixing apple cider vinegar with ginger, garlic, herbs, horseradish, and honey.

For your household

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural product to clean contaminated shower heads. Fill a plastic bag with ACV, wrap it around the shower head as shown in this video and let it sit for a few hours.

Mix one part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water and add this mixture to your washing machine before adding the garments to be washed. This mixture will add to the cleaning effect of your detergent and will deodorize your clothes.

If you try to avoid using chemicals in your household, use ACV as a laundry softener. It’s purely natural and it works both as a washing agent and as a softener.

ACV can be used to clean the washing machine itself. Clean the machine with one cup of ACV when there’s no laundry inside.

Mold is another problem that we could face when cleaning the bathroom. ACV is a good product to fight mold, just spray it onto the moldy surface, clean thoroughly with a brush, and let dry. Be careful not to use the vinegar on wooden surfaces as the acid found in ACV may destroy them.

ACV works well on yellow perspiration stains on clothes. Dab the vinegar onto the stain and wash your clothes as usual.

Wipe fridge door seals with apple cider vinegar to kill bacteria and mildew. Then clean the inside of the fridge with a mixture of equal parts water and ACV to get rid of smells.

In the kitchen

Apple cider vinegar alone is a perfect dressing for your salad. However, there’s a variety of dressing recipes that use ACV.

Add apple cider vinegar to a pot with boiling eggs and you’ll get hard boiled eggs that are easy to peel.

In the garden

Would you like to try any of these tips? How do you use apple cider vinegar? Share your ideas in the comments!

Illustrated by Oleg Guta for BrightSide.me