21 People Who Got Insanely Lucky and Told the Whole World About It

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There are people that possess an eternal luck — they get watermelons without seeds and 2 windows on planes. If they drop their phone on the sewer grate, it doesn’t fall through the bars but ends up lying on top without even getting a single crack. It would be great to know their secret but since that’s not possible, let’s simply look at photos depicting real luck.

Bright Side collected proof that luck definitely has its favorites.

When you’ve survived a shark attack:

A boulder passed by a house in Italy.

This driver got a second chance at life.

“I hit the watermelon jackpot today!”

“Attached money to the side wall of the safe with the help of a magnet. A robber opened the safe but didn’t notice the money.”

When the biggest fear of your life came true but it had a happy ending.

” I got 2 windows in my window seat.”

“I heard it roll across the counter… was expecting to clean up a mess when…”

“I got a giant strawberry, the size of my palm.”

One more inch and…

“I got an unusual apple.”

Huge tuna:

“The luckiest Monday morning so far”

This phone protected its owner from a chainsaw.

“I made it home in the nick of time.”

When you hit the toothpick jackpot:

And the ticket jackpot!

“I think it’s high time to buy a lottery ticket.”

When your guardian angel is doing their best:

“These coins in my great-grandfather’s breast pocket absorbed the bullet and saved his life during World War I.”

When you have real luck:

Do you consider yourself a lucky person? We would love to read about your lucky moments in the comments!

Preview photo credit zsreport / imgur, RubberChickenTenders / imgur, netpastor / reddit