13 Playgrounds in Russia That Are So Creepy, They’re Probably Taken From Kids’ Nightmares

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When you take your child to the local playground, you expect to find an innocent set of monkey bars, a slide, and a swing. This isn’t the case in Russia. Some Soviet-era now derelict playgrounds are littered with crude sculptures of animals, humans, and even other-worldly creatures that are scary enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Although most playgrounds in Russia are not creepy, that certainly cannot be said about the ones Bright Side features in this article.

1. Follow the traffic rules in this playground.

2. The Russian joker

3. A dog guarding the playground at night

4. Mushroom hunting is prohibited here!!

5. Not-so-happy m&ms

6. Just an alligator taking Dobbie to school…

7. What creature is this??

8. Dragon out in permafrost

9. Russia without a bear? Not possible!

10. This Russian astronaut in the park seems overworked.

11. Cute brainless baby

12. As if injections weren’t enough… here’s another reason why kids are afraid of doctors.

13. Who would put this in a playground?

Which statue did you find to be the creepiest? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit kokorobrokoro / imgur