15+ Photos That Prove Nature Has a Lot of Tricks Up Its Sleeve

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From camouflaging as the perfect snack to acting in a way no one can predict, nature is full of surprises. While the tricks can often times be funny, they can also be mind-boggling, forcing you to wonder how something like that could happen in the first place.

We have collected 15+ such magic tricks of nature that will take you by surprise.

 My apple’s flesh is the same color as its skin.

 “A baby grasshopper army stormed into my friend’s garden.”

“I threw a rock in a wheelbarrow and it cracked, revealing an iron core.”

“There are fish that live in the flooded basement of an abandoned building by my work.”

“Look at this baby bee covered in pollen.”

“I almost ate a praying mantis that was in my salad!”

“Stone-shaped popcorn I found at the beach”

“A pepper in my garden grew around the leaf that was poking it.”

“Found a lizard with a leaf hat.”

“Grew a football-sized lemon in our garden.”Some Succulents grew out of the wall.

“Mushrooms burst out the front of the grow kit sitting on the shelf at Walmart.”

A tree that grew through this tire

“A rather strange-looking caterpillar I found in Northern Georgia”

A maple leaf with colors that split along the veins

“My cat appears to be melting when she sits.”

 “My cat appears to be melting when she sits.”

 “I have a flower growing inside my mailbox.”

“I found, by far, the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life (fingernail for scale).”

When was the last time you were totally surprised by nature, whether it was due to its beauty or something out of the ordinary?