Baby Hippos That Will Make Everything Better

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Hippos have something of a reputation for being rather cantankerous creatures, but you really wouldn’t believe it when you see these cute little critters. Check out this list,  for some of the most adorable baby hippos we could find.

Hippopotamuses are thought to be around 55 million years old. They come from Sub-Saharan Africa, and their name means ‘River Horse’ in Ancient Greek. They’re generally considered to be the third-largest land mammal after elephants and white rhinos, and although you probably wouldn’t guess it, their closest relations are actually whales and dolphins. Their diet consists mainly of grass, and they typically live for about 45 years. Despite their tubby appearance, hippos can easily outrun a human, and they can be very aggressive, especially when threatened. They still look cute though! Just don’t get too close…



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