Top 10 Reasons to Own a Husky

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have ever thought about owning a Siberian husky, than this list is for you.

1. Huskies are Very Reliable Exercise Buddies.

When people think of huskies, most think of the fact they can run. Huskies are high energy and require plenty of exercise. They can run up to 10 miles a day. If you have an active lifestyle, what better way to burn a few more calories, than taking your dependable companion out for a morning jog?

2. Few Dog Breeds are Cleaner than Huskies.

Huskies are one of the few breeds to actually clean themselves, much like their feline relative. This makes for very little bathing. A husky may require only two baths a year. Even though they are known for shedding, they actually only shed, or “blow their coat”, twice a year. Otherwise, they leave very little hair around the house. Also, huskies are not known to be drool-ers, so bring on the puppy kisses!

3. Huskies are Very Good Lookin’.

Huskies’ coats come in a variety of colors: black, white, silver, or red. They also have several different eye colors: blue, brown, amber, green, bi-eyed, or parti-eyed. Another appeal to the husky breed is their size and build. Because they are considered a medium sized breed, they are not as intimidating as a Malamute or Akita type breed. With their fluffy coats, vivid colorations and beautiful markings, they deserve to be one of the top breeds.

4. Man’s Best Friend.

It’s a well-known fact that dogs provide great companionship to humans. Huskies are one of the friendliest breeds and have fun personalities. They love to wrestle and play tug of war. Because of huskies pack mentality, they are very loyal to their owner and family.

5. They are Wicked Smart.

Because of how smart they are, it is easy to teach them basic commands. This also makes for easy potty training. On the flip side, because of their “independent thinking”, they are able to learn commands and ignore them. And be careful, their intelligence also makes them quite the little escape artists.

6. Huskies Provide Free, Fast, and Freakin’ Awesome Transportation.

Remember all of those stories your grandpa used to tell you about walking to school in the snow, barefoot, and uphill…both ways? Well, with a team of sled dogs, you can arrive anywhere in style. But contrary to popular belief, huskies are not just for snow cities. For warmer climates, huskies can be used for “urban dog sledding”. This is where your dog pulls you on a cart, bike, scooter, or even a skateboard.

7. They Make for the Best and Worst Guard Dogs.

With a fierce look, most people think that huskies are mean or scary. They think that huskies are intimidating and may make intruders think twice. However, without much of a territorial instinct, and a loving personality, huskies are more likely to lead an intruder straight to your safe and give them the combination. Most huskies won’t bark, or even get up, when the doorbell rings.

8. Lonely? Huskies Love to Howl and Talk, and May Even Say “I Ruv Roo!”

As pack animals, huskies are great communicators and will definitely let you know how they feel. However, they are quieter than many other breeds. What is fun about a husky howling is that many owners have taught their huskies to say different things. They may also join in on a song or two.

9. They Will Hunt for Food.

As brethren to the wolf, some huskies enjoy hunting for prey – some instincts can’t be ignored. However, not all housebroken huskies like to hunt. No matter the preference, feeding a husky over any other dog its size will save you money. Huskies have very high metabolisms and a small amount of food will go a long way. They typically only eat until they are full.

10. They Provide Free Remodeling of Your House.

Hate your crown molding? Need an excuse for a new couch? Huskies love to “spruce” up their homes. So, make sure to keep them happy with plenty of attention, exercise, and love.

Think of any other great reasons to own a husky? Leave us a comment!