What the 18 Most Popular Kinds of Kisses Actually Mean

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Do you know that there are more than 100 types of kisses and that each one expresses its own feelings? That’s why lips can reveal many things about a person’s character and their behavior in relationships. It is all explained in Sheril Kirshenbaum’s book The Science of Kissing.

Bright Side gathered the 18 most popular kisses and discovered what they mean.

18. The French kiss

A French kiss is one of the most popular types of kisses among couples as it’s the hottest and most passionate of all the kisses. It’s no secret that such a kiss is associated with a relationship that is on top of its passion — the partners just can’t stop enjoying each other.

Experts say that a French kiss is a sort of art that everyone should become a master of.

17. The quick kiss

In contrast with a French kiss, a quick kiss is appropriate when you meet in public. Your closed lips only touch your partner’s lips. It’s common among people who’ve known each other for a long time.

16. A kiss on the cheek

A light kiss on the cheek usually means “Hi!” In some countries, it replaces a handshake. If a kiss is rather long, it can lead to more passionate kisses in the future. Most often, with this kiss, a person reminds their partner of their love.

15. Blowing a kiss

Who said that a kiss only refers to physical contact? Blowing a kiss is a demonstration of your devotion and a way of talking to your beloved at a distance. It may also signal a flirtation.

14. The “lock” kiss

It’s the kind of kiss where partners want to pull away, but their lips can’t get enough of each other. It feels the same way it looks: you don’t have much time, and you need to hurry, but you still want to enjoy your partner’s presence. So such an issue appears.

13. The angel’s kiss

It’s a kiss where one of the partners kisses their beloved on the eyelid while they are resting. It’s one of the brightest and most tender ways to show your feelings and care. Moreover, it means that the partners trust each other.

12. The nose kiss

A nose kiss or a tender nose bite is an interesting way to attract your partner’s attention that always causes a smile. Besides, it’s a good way to apologize without saying a word and forget about any hurt feelings.

11. The forehead kiss

This is also called a “Mother’s kiss” because it shows care and devotion to a person.

10. The ear kiss

The ear is one of the most sensitive organs. But such ear kisses can be ticklish for some people. That’s why this kiss is used to cause laughter or cheer someone up.

9. The earlobe kiss

And this kind of kiss contains only intimate connotations as it’s aimed at an erogenous zone for most people. Such a kiss is one of the most romantic kisses that often serves as a prelude to more passionate actions.

8. The hand kiss

This is one of the most ancient kisses that demonstrates respect and admiration.

According to old traditions, only if a man is older than a woman can he allow himself to touch her hand with his lips. In other cases, a man who wants to kiss a woman on her hand should bend his knee. A kiss may also be accompanied by a compliment.

A hand kiss is a real knightly courtesy that can hardly be found nowadays. And it’s a pity because such kisses can make a strong impression on a woman and even on the women nearby.

7. The neck kiss

The front and side parts of the neck are really sensitive. That’s why couples who are in a close and intimate relationship prefer such kisses. And sometimes such a kiss is just a prelude.

6. The vampire kiss or hickey

A hickey is a red mark or a small bruise. It’s a reminder not just for a person but also for the people around them. By the way, the lipstick marks that women leave can also be treated as the same signal: this person is in a relationship.

5. The single-lip kiss

It’s the type of a kiss when a person “uses” only one of their lips (the lower or upper one). It’s a kiss of happy people who are really in love and have common plans for their future.

4. The Eskimo kiss

It’s not quite a kiss but a cute form of expressing love. In an Eskimo kiss, partners rub their noses back and forth against each other.

There is a belief that such a kiss appeared among people who lived in cold climates. They rubbed their noses so as to avoid frostbite on their lips. In addition, in some African countries, such a gesture is an alternative to a handshake.

3. The lower lip bite

It’s one of the forms of a French kiss where one of the partners gently bites the other’s lip. Such a kiss tells about a choosy character and an inner passion that can burst out.

2. The vacuum kiss

There is a tip in the book concerning this kiss: “When your lips get tired, ’weaken’ your kiss. Don’t tear your lips from your partner unexpectedly as it may cause a loud clap.”

It’s a very strong kiss that takes a lot of effort and leaves behind a pleasant fatigue.

1. Bodily contact

It’s one of the most frequent and, so to say, balanced kinds of kisses. It’s rather strong and rather passionate, and it may be used when you meet or say goodbye. If you kiss in public, people won’t be embarrassed.

It’s also important to have your bodies close to each other. By the way, couples who date for a long time and understand each other well prefer such kisses.

And do you like to kiss? Which kinds of kisses do you like the most? Don’t be shy! Share with us in the comments!