If You Think You’re Having a Bad Day, Here Are Some People Dealing With Way Worse

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Being unfortunate is simply something nobody can avoid. However, there are a few people who tend to get unlucky more often than the rest of the world and their unfortunate moments become a laughing matter. Maybe this is mean, but let’s face it: everyone finds a good fail to be hilarious.

Bright Side has gathered some fails just for you that are sure to make your sides hurt from laughing so hard. But don’t blame us when your neighbors complain that you’re making too much noise!

1. Imagine explaining this to your boss when you had to come in late to work…

2. “Hello, cement! Let me give you a kiss.”

3. Another great excuse for being late.

4. Gatorade must really hate you.

5. Just a usual day in the life of a best man.

6. We can all see where this is going…

7. The bride has fallen, and she can’t get up!

8. An umbrella on a bike is not a good idea, but he probably realizes that now.

9. He hit a ball, just not the right one.

10. She looked so relaxed before the catastrophe hit.

11. This car turned into an art installation.

12. Ride with a side view

13. This is how clean the glass was.

14. Now you wish you had a dog to clean all that up.

15. Have fun getting your car out.

16. She doesn’t follow stupid rules.

17. When the dead tries to escape.

18. They told him that he’d catch the ball if he kept his eyes on it.

19. The bull knows where it hurts the most.

20. So romantic!

21. Facing the ugly truth from early on in life.

22. He can just forget about 1st place.

Have you ever found yourself in an unfortunate situation that you would like to forget? Please share all your unlucky moments with us in the comment section.

Preview photo credit ataricom / imgur, The Butcher / tumblr


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