Put Your Vision to the Test by Taking a Look at 24 Ambiguous Photos

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Some photos can easily trick our eyes. We may mistake a strawberry for a tomato, wonder why someone would bring a mackerel to a bubble bath, and can’t for the life of us understand where that giant duck that covered the forest came from. Are our eyes playing tricks on us?

Bright Side has rounded up a new selection of photos so confusing that you’ll have to look at them twice or even 3 times to truly understand them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Why would they bring a mackerel to the bathtub?

What’s that cat doing at the rock concert?

There’s something wrong with that dog.

We had to count the paws 3 times before we realized what was going on here.

When you thought your neighbor’s house was on fire:

He has a really strong jaw!

It’s hard to see the glass at first glance.

When you really want to get a cat, you start seeing signs everywhere.

Whatever you do, you’ll never look cooler than this cat.

Nothing can disturb the serenity of his sleep.

It’s really hard to look at this house made of glass panels.

“My dad caught a bluegill and I thought he was holding up air at first.”

I spent 2 seconds teaching my dog how to ride a bike.

From that point on, the building looked like a flat sheet.

Looks like someone put a picture of a cliff on the side of another cliff.

Big deal, it’s just a transparent plate. Oh, wait a second…

Capturing a moment like this is truly priceless.

Take a look at this shadow.

“Perhaps I’ll finish my work in the garden next time.”

No one would stop you with a passenger like this.

“I bought a new pair of shoes but when I came home I couldn’t see my feet.”

It’s like a giant duck is taking a rest in the forest.

It’s not an arch, it’s a mirror.

Optical illusions can appear just about anywhere.

Which photo did you look at the longest? Share your photos with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit @Aidan_M_Barlow / twitter


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