21 Epic Cases When Renovations Were Finished With “Whatever” (Spoiler: Facepalm Guaranteed)

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We’ve all had an experience with trying to fix something. Many of us remember this as a scary time. But not these brave and resourceful guys. As it turns out, you can use a hole punch to make an additional hole in your belt.

Bright Side gives you a chance to see the work of these genius engineers and builders and decide who is best one.

“I, too, like to live dangerously.”

“I like the way the owner fixed his cracked bumper with zip-ties!”

When you don’t need fancy tools to install a door knob:

“Okay, guys. That’s good enough.”

A comfortable shower is a good start to any day.

This is what you do to avoid direct air flow

When a dead battery is not a good reason to stop:

Why finish the building? Why keep the same color?

When you want to wash your hands on the road:

When you asked someone to fix the wall but forgot to tell them to make it look nice:

That awkward moment when the door didn’t fit:

Nice barbecue

Who said a LAN cable is only good for the internet?

Now paint it and it’s as good as new!

It looks like this guy might have a bicycle.

When you literally want to sing while you’re driving:

How do you like this AC?

Why pay more when it looks almost the same?

When you thought it was a great idea but you didn’t calculate it right:

Perfect window size

When a computer guy decides to fix a microwave oven:

Have you ever had to get creative to fix something? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Perfectstrangers / imgur, orgulhohetero


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