22 People Who Prove Dates Can Be Like Playing Extreme Sports, and It’s Both Sad and Hilarious

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Sometimes, the reality of a date doesn’t match your expectations. And it’s only with a good sense of humor and an understanding of the fact that we are all different that we can try to save the situation. The characters in our compilation encountered all kinds of issues on dates like breaking their keys 15 minutes before going on a date, swimming away from a date and even falling asleep on a date. And those aren’t even the worst of them!

Bright Side found people whose dates went very wrong and not at all the way they’d wanted them to. But at least these people managed to laugh at the situation.

Gloomy, rainy romance

Ah, that teenage love!

“That day he was finishing writing his thesis and didn’t sleep much that night. Apparently, my being next to him didn’t inspire him and he simply fell asleep. I don’t think he’ll call me again.”

When a guy is using old-fashioned pick-up lines that don’t work anymore:

“A guy tried to impress me by picking me up in this car.”

How to get rid of a girl within a couple minutes:

“I don’t think this date is going well.”

When you can hardly be called a pick-up master:

“My girlfriend said she ’couldn’t care less’ about what I wear for our date tonight.”

That feeling when you would have preferred to be frozen:

Each of us has our own understanding of what a date is.

Strange Italian rendezvous

When a person’s true self opens up just after meeting:

“My son’s first ’date’ looks like it’s going well…”

When their actions reveal the true situation:

He was so close to success…

“This just happened to me 15 minutes before a date…”

“Let’s just say we never quite made it to the cinema.”

We all have different first dates.

“I love dating tall guys so when we break up I can keep my pictures.”

When you need to arrest criminals at 8 PM and need to be on a date by 9 PM:

This is what taking English leave looks like:

Have you ever encountered funny situations while on a date? Please share them with us in the comments!

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