20+ Animals That Were Too Rebellious to Follow the Rules (It’s Hard to Be Angry With Them)

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George Eliot once said that animals are such agreeable friends — they ask no questions and they pass no criticisms. But we can’t leave one small issue unspotted: they also do not care about our rules.

Bright Side has prepared a collection of photos where someone was hilariously rebellious.

1. Someone doesn’t like being told what to do…

2. Those dogs are actually huge — it’s just that the door and the sign are gigantic.

3. At first, I thought the sign was meant to protect the nest…

4. “Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call this a game…”

5. I don’t live by your rules!

6. This dog’s face:

7. This koala looks like nobody can stop it:

8. Look at them — they are reading the sign and ignoring it.

9. “My life purpose is to fight discrimination against cats.”

10. And the “Best Invention” award goes to…

11. Is there anyone who spends money more effectively?

12. Anarcat — an anarchist in the cat’s world.

13. Try to wash me.

14. No words — no problems!

15. Sorry, I can’t read!

16. Little known fact: ducks are actually plants. You can trust me — I’m someone who claims he’s an expert.

17. Just try to stop me.

18. Even pigeons need to know the time.

19. This guy knows how to challenge the rules:

20. I know this is a chair, human.

21. Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

22. Nobody allowed (except for cuties.)

Which photo did you like most? Do you know an animal that can take first place in this ranking? Share your photos and stories with us!