18 Times Nature Wowed Us With the Colors It Picked for Its Creations

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If we asked you about the natural colors of the things that surround us, you’d probably say green for a grasshopper, yellow and black for a bee, and red for a watermelon. And now imagine a world where watermelons can be white, bees can be blue, grasshoppers can be purple, and, on top of that, we also have purple potatoes, black squirrels, and blue slugs. It may sound like the world from a fantasy novel, but it’s the reality we live in, and if you’ve never seen these wonders, we’ll show you proof.

Here we’ve selected 18 pics for you that show what happens when nature gets creative and picks exotic colors for animals and plants, and we hope they please your eyes and stir your imagination.

1. “I found a yellow Grasshopper in my garden today.”

2. Indigo milk cap is a mushroom that has an amazing blue hue.

3. An albino squirrel someone was lucky to photograph

4. And this squirrel is black.

5. This red velvet ant looks so soft, we just want to touch it.

6. “A purple grasshopper found in my garden”

7. “I saw a blue slug yesterday.”

8. A white watermelon someone was lucky enough to taste.

9. Some dragonflies can be red.

10. “I saw an albino peacock today.”

11. A blue carpenter bee, that breaks all the stereotypes

12. Not all potatoes are yellow or white. Some are purple.

13. This rooster is a real goth among roosters

14. A mesmerizing blue jellyfish

15. A black and blue damselfly

16. This pink katydid looks like a flower petal.

17. Purple mushrooms may look cartoonish, but they’re real.

18. And this Gouldian finch carries all the colors of the rainbow on its feathers.

Have you ever seen any of the natural marvels from our list? What was the most unusual animal or plant you’ve ever seen? If you have a picture to share, we’d be glad to find it in the comments!

Preview photo credit FACE_MEAT / Redditloopyboy55 / Reddit


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