10 Clothing Hacks That Are Absolute Lifesavers

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How often have you found yourself in a situation where you are in the office or rushing to a very important date and your appearance is not on par? Well, that can absolutely ruin your day!

We collected 10 tried-and-tested lifesaving hacks and tricks to eliminate such mishaps.

“No flight risk” skirt

Fan of a wide skirt and it’s windy outside? Well, then you know for sure that the risk of showing your underwear to the whole street is right around the corner. A quick fix for this is to take about 6 to 10 pennies (or other small coins), and tape them to the hem of your skirt on the inside. They will weigh down the skirt and won’t let the wind destroy your outfit.

Pregnancy jeans trick

Can we congratulate you on your pregnancy? Well, around the second trimester you inevitably find out that some of your favorite skirts and jeans won’t zip up. Worry not! Take a stretchy tank top, and put it under the waistband. Then roll it over the open zipper. You’ve successfully managed to make pregnancy clothing!

Rock your boots

Boots don’t just look good on cowboys! But the best way to wear them is unknown to many. Simply roll up the leg of your jeans, put a long sock over them, and zip up the boot over the sock. Now you are the boss of your boots.

Old sweater to new with a razor

Ah, those oldies but goodies – the warm sweaters you seem to never be able to say “goodbye” to. You can use a razor to clean it up a bit, but be aware that synthetic and loosely knitted sweaters might be damaged. Be very careful not to make a hole in your sweater.

Ripped pants fix

You’ve finally got into those shorts or jeans from high school and had to bend over? Don’t worry! If you absolutely can’t go home and change at this point, use a regular stapler on the inner seam of your shorts or pants. This will give you several hours, and other people probably won’t notice. Bend, but don’t break!

Pinned button

A stray button can be annoying or even inappropriate depending on the situation, but not everybody has a sewing kit on hand. Simply use a paper clip to bend through the button and holes in the shirt. Then secure it on the other side, and button up.

Hair iron to iron

No time for ironing and the business meeting is in 15? Use a hair iron on your collar and the visible parts of your shirt to appear more together than you actually are. Anyway, talent is more important than any shirt.

Polish the threads

Those annoying little threads poking out of your buttons. Not only untidy but at risk of falling off the shirt at any moment. Secure them on the go! Use your nails or a needle to pull all the threads to the inside. On the outside, use a clear nail polish to secure the threads in place.

Smelly shoes solution

That nasty gym bag or those old shoes that still look great but smell like a dead raccoon – there is a quick solution to the awful smell. Pop in a couple of tea bags, and leave them overnight (or, with gym bags, just leave them there). The smell will greatly reduce.

Clean suede

Suede is so gorgeous, yet it is such a delicate thing to take care of. In case of a little dirt and no professional brush at hand, use a toothbrush to gently swipe away the dirt without damaging the fabric.

Everybody needs a quick fix sometimes. When you don’t have the time or opportunity to do it properly, turn to these hacks for help. We hope they will really save the day! And if you have any quick hacks of your own that you are eager to recommend, don’t be shy! Take them to the comments!