25 Cats Showing a Sweet Side That Their Owners Get to See Every Day

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Sure, sometimes cats can be grumpy and distant. They may even escape from their owners’ tight hugs. But you’re more likely to see them behaving in a way that busts those unfair myths that portray them as cold, independent, and reserved animals.

We aim to highlight that loving aspect of our kittens and has found lots of pictures of them posing for the camera, proving they’re completely in love with their owners and undeniably grateful for having a cozy, warm home.

1. “My cat figured out that the alarm sound means that I have to wake up, so she snuggles on my chest right after it goes off.”

2. In good hands

3. Even this pretty lady’s tail aligns perfectly with the cushion.

4. “She saw me packing my army kit this morning. Every time she finds out that I’ll be leaving for a few weeks, this is how she sits with me until I leave.”

5. “I work as a geologist in remote areas. I was leaving my camp this morning when I heard meowing. This little guy followed me, climbed up me, and promptly fell asleep. I think I’ve been chosen.”

6. When you’ve found that perfect spot on the couch:

7. Everybody’s home!

8. “She fell asleep with her favorite toy. My heart just exploded.”

9. The face of happiness

10. This kitten looks like it feels safe now after going through some hard times.

11. “I picked her up yesterday — we’re instant best friends!”
12. “No one would adopt him because he’s got a bad eye. Good! He’s with me now. And his eyes show that he really appreciates it.”

13. How long do you think you’d be able to resist before holding this kitty in your arms?

14. “Mama Pebbles and her child, Primrose”

15. There’s no denying that this cat loves its owner. And the best part is that it makes sure he knows it!

16. “20 years old and she still knows she’s the queen!”

17. “We let him come inside during Hurricane Harvey and he hasn’t left…”

18. “I never thought this little fella would change my life.”

19. “My little girl enjoying some belly rubs”

20. “He’s obsessed with his daddy.”

21. “I adopted my fur baby Coraline about a year ago. She’s always showing those dreamy eyes of hers. I couldn’t imagine not having her around.”

22. “My sweet boy. He’s been my little buddy for 15 years now.”

23. When you’re so comfy that you don’t want to move at all:

24. They only have eyes for her.

25. “This is how she stares at me when I’m not looking.”

What makes your cat special and different? We’d love to see pictures of them showing their love to you!

Preview photo credit SorryForBeingNice / Redditcdstew / Reddit


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