7 Cravings That Can Tell You What Your Body Actually Needs

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You may go to sleep and wake up still thinking about eating that tasty piece of chocolate, or perhaps you struggle to live even one day without tomatoes. These kinds of cravings can signify that you’re stressed, but according to some researchers, you may lack certain nutrients as well.

We also have some cravings from time to time and decided to dig deeper and find out why and what the body actually needs.

1. Spicy food

Spicy food becomes like this mostly because of peppers. Besides something great, like speeding up your metabolism, a component called capsaicin can relieve pain in your joints and muscles and can even take the edge off your migraines. We might unconsciously consume it and not even realize that it makes us feel better.

2. Dark chocolate

Some dark chocolate contains more caffeine than a can of cola (around 30 mg). This component boosts your awakeness and energy because it stimulates the central nervous system. So, each time you feel tired and sleepy, it’s normal to crave a bar of chocolate to become more productive.

The second option for why you’re so into dark chocolate is because you need magnesium. Still, researchers are not sure about it, because there are other products that contain magnesium, like nuts.

3. Peanut butter

In general, peanut butter is nutritionally rich. It contains a component that is used to make medicine, mostly for lowering cholesterol levels.

You could also be craving peanut butter because of a nutritional deficiency. This product is a source of protein, antioxidants, fat, iron, magnesium, and calcium.

4. Ice

The desire to chew ice is often associated with an iron deficiency. It can happen with or without anemia. The actual reason for the craving is unclear, but there is a suggestion that chewing ice might increase alertness if you have an iron deficiency with anemia.

Another less popular version of why you may have this craving is stress and emotional problems.

5. Pastries

Pastries are very high in carbs. It’s easy to feel satisfied after eating a slice of cake because this many calories can you a lot of energy, fast. Research has discovered that the “universal carbohydrate craving time” is between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. every day, so be careful during this time if you’re on a special diet.

Also, when your body feels hungry for bread, cake, or pasta, it’s lacking chromium or nitrogen. And some researchers connect wanting to eat carbs with low moods and stress. Eating cake releases the hormone of happiness called serotonin.

6. Meat and hamburgers

If you’ve suddenly started craving hamburgers, think about what exactly is making you crave them. It’s probably the red meat. First of all, meat contains lots of protein, so maybe your body is lacking it. Second, red meat contains iron, zinc, and vitamin B.

Also, one study suggested that having a diet rich in protein could be the key to help you avoid excessive snacking and obesity.

7. Soda drinks

It could just be a matter of taste that you prefer carbonated drinks, instead of plain water, when you feel thirsty. But soda contains phosphoric acid that interferes and leaches calcium and magnesium from your bones. If you already drink bottles and bottles of soda every day, there is a possibility that you struggle with getting enough of these 2 nutrients.

By reaching for even more soda water, you open up more chances for cravings to strike.

What are your cravings? How do you normally fight a craving to eat sweets or pastries?