18 Genius Life Hacks That Will Make Your Day

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Geniuses generate insanely cool ideas all the time, and we were intrigued by these 18 cool examples of nonstandard thinking. To tell you the truth, we really want to try some of them ourselves!

1. A plunger is the new must-have item for the beach.

2. You can also use it on public transport.

3. A creative way to eat watermelon.

4. Sleep mask? No, thank you. I have my own.

5. When you don’t feel like washing dishes.

6. Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.

7. This man is a genius.

8. Cooking level: chef.

9. Corkscrew heel stilettos.

10. I really want to see this in action!

11. How to hack boring note-taking.

12. If it looks stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.

13. Next time I will do the same thing!

14. Don’t fix it. Frame it!

15. You have a problem. I have a solution.

16. Innovative cooling system.

17. BBQ whatever the weather.

18. When life gives you a balcony, use it to the fullest.