The Journey of Two Adorable Identical Twins to Become Famous Instagram Models

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Meet Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements, two adorable identical twins with close to 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Their mother Jaqi opened the account for the twins in July 2017, when the girls turned seven, and since then their popularity is continuously growing with people calling them “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

Ava Marie and Leah Rose are not only enjoying success on Instagram, but they are also established models who are represented by two modeling agencies. These Los Angeles based twins are already taking the children’s modeling world by storm, winning contracts with kid’s fashion companies and magazines using the combination of beauty and friendly personality.

Although you may think this is too much for young girls to handle, don’t worry. They are enjoying the experience and their mother made sure it was their decision to get into modeling. She asked them whether they want to do it, and Ava Marie and Leah Rose immediately jumped on the opportunity.


Their journey to claiming Instagram popularity and getting on the list of most sought-after children’s models was an interesting one, so we brought you some of the most captivating facts about the twins and their road to fame.

Girls Arrived Earlier than Expected

Ava Marie and Leah Rose didn’t want to wait 37 weeks to meet the world. Their mother Jaqi gave birth to the girls 4 and half weeks before she was due. According to Jaqi, that makes sense now, since the twins are all about surprises.

People Were Amazed by Their Beauty Even When They Were Babies

It didn’t take long for people to realize the amazing beauty of the twins. Even when they were babies, people would come up to Jaqi and tell her that her baby girls are beautiful.

First Attempt at Modeling

After numerous people suggested Jaqi to get Ava Marie and Leah Rose into modeling, she decided to give it a go and signed up the girls with an LA-based agency when they were 6 months old.

It Wasn’t the Right Time

Although their mother tried hard to get them into the modeling business, it just wasn’t the right time. Jaqi gave up after three months, deciding to focus on raising twins and their 2-year-old brother.

Growing up and Loving the Attention

As the girls grew up, they did not only become more beautiful but also showed that they want to be in the center of attention all the time. They would often perform dance routines in front of anyone who wanted to watch and loved every second of it.

Do You Want to Give Modeling a Try?

After more than six years passed from her latest attempt to get the twins into the world of modeling, Jaqi thought it might be time to try again. One of the reasons for that was the fact that the girls were so bright that she thought they could make the decision for themselves. One day she asked them are they interested in giving modeling a try on top of their dancing and swimming lessons. The twins gave their mom a definitive “Yes!” and their model career was born.

Lucky Number Seven

Although many people don’t believe in signs, you can’t deny that there was something special in the number 7 for Ava Marie and Leah Rose. They were born on July 7 (7/7), and they received they major breakthrough when they became seven years old, in 2017.

Ava Marie and Leah Rose’s First Gig

The twins got their first gig in the neighborhood. One of their neighbors started a children’s pop up boutiques and badly needed some models. Ava Marie and Leah Rose stepped to the task and Jaqi used her old camera to snap few photographs. The neighbor got her promotional material with the photos, while the twins had something to show for when looking for new gigs.

Everyone Was Blown Away

With photos in store, Jaqi decided to send them to agents in hopes there will be an agency willing to represent the girls. As I turned out, almost every modeling agency she reached out to was blown away and wanted to meet the girls.

Why Not Two?

With a lot of agency offers coming Ava Marie and Leah Rose’s, their mother decided it wouldn’t be bad to pick two to represent the girls. One was based in Los Angeles and other in Orange County, so Jaqi thought it won’t be any conflict of interest involved and that the girls will get more exposure that way.

It’s All About Photos

Take some notes here. The quality of the photos uploaded on Instagram really plays a great part, and that was crucial for the twins’ popularity on this social media. After their mother uploaded several photos from a professional session, the number of followers on Ava Marie and Leah Rose’s Instagram account skyrocketed. In just seven days the number went from 3,000 to 15,000. A couple of photos more and the account had over 25,000 followers.

Instagram Reposts

Instagram users fell in love with the girls immediately, and are regularly reposting the photos of the twins. According to Jaqi, the girls were featured on Instagram profiles which have well over 9 million followers.


The “twinsfactor” is one of the big reasons why the girls have such a big following. Besides people reacting better to them on twins’ Instagram account, they usually share the photos where Ava Marie and Leah Rose are together. Also, the girls enjoyed posing one with another, so it was a win-win situation.

Weekend Photo Sessions

Besides hiring a professional photographer, Jaqi does some of the photo sessions by herself. On the weekends, when its sunny outside, she takes Ava Marie and Leah Rose out and tries to get a couple of good photos. The neighbor with the children’s boutique helps out by providing outfits for the girls. In return, she gets good photos to promote her business.

Little Tricks

In order to make it look like all the photos didn’t come after one session, Jaqi uses little tricks to make them look like they were taken on a different day. Those tricks include hairstyle changes in between the shots and a bit of different make-up.

The Family Made Traveling Their Full-Time Job

Now that all Clements kids are in the modeling business, Jaqi and her husband Kevin decided to make traveling their full-time job, accompanying the kids to auditions and photo shootings.

Father Kevin is a Successful Swimming Coach

The twins’ father Kevin is a successful swimming coach, and this is where the girls got their love for the sport. He has coached at USC, Maryland, and LSU while also being former U.S. national team swimmer.

They Have a Dog Named Luci

With all of their activities, the girls also find time to take care of their dog, Luci. Luci joined to the happy family in September 2017, with Ava Marie and Leah Rose rushing from school every day to play with their pet.

It’s Up to the Girls to Decide When to Stop

While they are enjoying the modeling business so far, Ava Marie and Leah Rose might decide one day that they want to pursue some other interests or careers. In that case, the decision will be only theirs and Jaqi says she will “100% support” the decision her daughters make.