Midjourney AI Can Now Conjoin 2 Photos, And Here Are Some Of The Test Results Shared By A Telegram User (48 Pics)

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Have you ever wondered what a “bread cat” would look like? Well, it’s your lucky day, because even if you have never wondered about that, you are still invited to explore this bizarre reality made possible by none other than an AI.

It has been recently discovered that Midjourney, a popular AI research lab producing a program that creates images from textual descriptions, can now mix different images.

Internet users have been testing a new version of the Midjourney neural network – V4, and the author of the Telegram channel called “AI molodca” showed his subscribers’ the unique imagery that the AI has generated from his suggested photos. The user explained that instead of text queries, you are able to insert links to images in jpeg format in the search bar to get exclusive content.

And this is how, fellow Pandas, a “bread cat,” among many others, was born.