25 Funny People Standing Weirdly In Public

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This gallery is hilarious! Check out the funny photos and share them with your friends.

We live in a very interesting world. We are all unique, we have our quirks, and from the outside, any of us could be considered weird. I think that’s fun! This world would be a lot more boring without our special traits. The people in this funny gallery have an unusual characteristic: they have an odd way to stand, and they’ve attracted public attention. The People Standing Instagram has been collecting images of people standing weirdly in public, and they’re hysterical! Check out these hilarious photos and share the fun with your friends!

1. How’s that even possible?

2. And it’s even more impressive because she’s wearing high heels!

3. We all sleep in weird positions while flying…

4. Interesting…

5. Just scrolling on his phone, carry on.

6. Sir, there’s a kid there…

7. Just stretching her leg.

8. He got tired…

9. That’s a funny way to stand!

10. I guess that is a healthy distance.

11. The usual way was just too boring!

12. He’s just following the rules!

13. Now that’s how you stay safe from the virus!

14. So funny!

15. He doesn’t look very comfortable.

16. How do you even sit that way?

17. Tall people problems…

18. Just a normal day at the park.

19. This is confusing…

20. That’s impressive!

21. Resting your feet, one leg at a time.

22. Marilyn Monroe… male version.

23. That’s one way to ride the escalator.

24. He’s flexible!

25. As long as he’s comfortable!