25 Adorable Animals Wearing A Heart On Their Furs

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These animals have the cutest fur markings! Check out this beautiful gallery and share the fun with your friends!

The cute animals in this gallery are wearing hearts on their furs ever since they were born. Check out these animals with fur marks shaped like hearts, and share the adorable photos with your friends!

1. This cat has three hearts on its fur!

2. Such an adorable little cow.

3. This dog has a beautiful heart on its fur!

4. A fluffy heart.

5. A little heart on a tiny butt.

6. This cat was born with a gorgeous heart fur mark.

7. So adorable!

8. This gorgeous horse perfect heart mark.

9. The cutest nose ever!

10. A gorgeous cat with the cutest fur mark!

11. All love!

12. This dog has a tiny heart on the back!

13. A piglet with three little heart shaped birthmarks.

14. Such an adorable kitten!

15. This cute bear just wants to wish you “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

16. This puppy has such a cute nose, it’s melting my heart!

17. So cute!

18. Such a unique and cute fur mark!

19. This puppy is adorable! Check out that perfect heart!

20. Such a sweet puppy!

21. So pretty!

22. This dog was born with a heart on its head.

23. You can see this puppy’s heart!

24. It’s hereditary!

25. So beautiful!