30 Times Outdoor Activities Went Hilariously Wrong

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Who doesn’t love to enjoy some time in the great outdoors? Getting back to nature can be an easy and inexpensive way to relax and recharge in the midst of your hectic life…or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be! However, Mother Nature often has different plans, and she’s got a funny way of foiling all the fun we think we’ll have when camping.

These folks might have been looking for a little peace and quiet in nature, but they quickly learned that wasn’t going to be happening. Some of these people probably should have made smarter decisions to avoid ending up in these hilariously unfortunate situations. However, others were just minding their own business when nature decided they needed to be knocked down a few pegs! You never know what’s going to happen when you leave the safety and comfort of civilized life.

Have you ever had your own hilarious mishaps when it comes to enjoying nature? It seems like everyone has at least one crazy story to tell!

From tent mishaps to unexpected floods to some dangerously close encounters with the local wildlife, here are 30 times that people hilariously failed at enjoying the great outdoors!


Homegirl really out here hitchhiking without looking at the cars headed her way. What? We know that hitchhiking is a lost art, but this is just ridiculous.

At the very least, she might want to consider maybe moving just a little bit more off the road, or someone is likely to take that thumb off with their car! Let’s just hope she caught a ride with a nice driver that isn’t a creep!

A Sticky Situation

You always hear people talking about the dangerous fauna in the wilderness, but it turns out that the flora can be just as much of a pain. Yet another reason why no one has any business in the desert.

Did this guy take a tumble into a patch of cacti? How do you even get that many stuck to you in the first place? We have so many questions about this picture, but one thing is for absolute certain—this looks like it hurt…a lot! Don’t mess with a cactus because they’re tougher than they look!

An Unbearable Problem

This is why sporting good stores have tents out for display. You don’t want to get all the way to the campsite only to realize that your tent is a bit too snug. If these bears came back for a refund, I wouldn’t even care if they didn’t have the reciept!

But seriously, this is like a nightmare scenario for campers everywhere. Let’s just hope that these bears found enough food in the campsite that they’re too full to chow down on the campers themselves! Bears mean business, even if they do look ridiculously adorable stuck in a pup tent.

Tuff Mudding

L O L This homegirl tried to climb over the ropes and got pulled down. I guess that not everyone is cut out for these ridiculously tough courses!

However, why someone would ever want to crawl in the mud in the first place is beyond us! We’re all for getting some physical activity outdoors, but if you end up looking like a mud monster afterward, count us out! Maybe she’ll think twice about doing this again too.

What a View

Don’t you hate camping with those people who are raring to go at the crack of dawn? If you were really man’s best friend, you’d let him sleep in. This dog definitely has some big plans for the day and wants to get a head start on them.

It’s hard to say no to a dog, but if we had just spent a rough, chilly night sleeping on the ground, we think we could probably manage it. Even though the dog might not realize it, the woods will still be there an hour later when it’s a much more reasonable time to wake up!

Rollin’ on the “River”

So it turns out that “flooding” is just a state of mind. Or at least this guy seems to think so. While that looks pretty fun, let’s hope he eventually made it to dry land—nothing sounds worse than being lost at sea on an air matress!

Even though it looks like this flood ruined quite a few camping trips, this guy is definitely making the best out of a bad situation. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and try to enjoy what Mother Nature throws your way. He’s not going to let anything ruin his fun!

Where Are You, Girl

There is no car coming homie, and even if there was everyone knows you don’t stick your arm out that far unless you want someone to take it off for you. Kids these days just don’t understand the finer points of hitchhiking!

Once again, people will be able to see you just fine even if you step off onto the shoulder of the road instead of trying to get as close to the line as humanly possible. Props to her for trying to make hitchhiking a thing again, but this is definitely not the way to do it!

Close But No Cigar

So, I guess they TECHNICALLY got the tent “up.” But this is not a victory anyone should be proud of, and surely some tent genius eventually took pity on them and helped them out. If not, they probably had the most uncomfortable camping trip ever!

We would at least give them an A for effort, but honestly, it doesn’t really look like they put that much in! It’s one thing to try unsuccessfully to put up a tent, but this just looks like they just threw all the pieces on the ground and called it a day.

Camping at the Beach

Either this is some sort of newfangled amphibious RV or this guy is seriously lost. Or maybe Poseidon is taking the family out for a weekend vacation. Whatever is actually happening in this photo, one thing is for sure—it’s a pretty hilarious unfortunate situation!

Surely they meant to do this on purpose…whatever bizarre purpose that may be! If this were accidental, surely they would have noticed the ocean long before they actually ended up in it. Whatever the reason for doing this is, we imagine that getting the truck and RV back onto solid land is going to be much more difficult that driving them into the ocean!
Weak Tug Game

They really played a weak game of tug of war this year. Pull! Everyone knows that the best part of being outdoors is playing children’s games with a cutthroat level of competition.

However, something tells us that this photo wasn’t snapped to show off these ladies’ prowess at tug of war. I think the photographer had plans to show off a little something else if you know what we mean! Regardless, this still ended up as a completely ridiculous photo.

Water World

This is what men imagine all women do in their free time. They just romp around in little to nothing wrestling in mud. That might not actually be the case, but you wouldn’t know it from this ridiculous outdoor picture!

We understand wanting to snap the perfect shot of yourself outdoors, but who is actually doing yoga in the wet sand? That’s just asking for a sprain, strain, or break! At least the ocean is right there to wash them off after they’re done rolling around on the ground like crazy people.

What Happened to Bob?

This always happens on a rafting trip. You’re trying to work hard and do your part rowing while some slacker decides he’d rather be pulled to his death by the current. There’s always someone unwilling to pull their own weight when the going gets tough!

But for real though, this is why we have never wanted to give white water rafting a try. One wrong move and it’s man overboard! And how exactly are your raftmates supposed to save you when the water is raging around them? It just sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen!

Close Encounters with Nature

There’s nothing like waking up in the great outdoors and promptly almost being crushed by a tree. This is sure to give these people a newfound appreciation for life and for picking a good camping spot. Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe the close call these people just had!

If you don’t want to worry about falling trees at all, your only real option is to camp out on the Great Plains. For everyone else, maybe pick out your next camping spot with a little more care than these people did! You never know when a tree is going to pop in to say hello!

The Insta “Farmer”

Ah yes, when your homegirl goes camping and needs to get that sexy farmer vibe picture for Instagram. Stop. Outdoorsy pics will get you absolutely zero street cred when you are so immaculately put together that it looks like you’re about to walk the runway.

Hey, but look on the bright side—this pic may look corny, but at least this is one Insta girl who is out in the middle of nowhere where she can’t annoy anyone else. We’ll believe this woman is really a farmer when we see a selfie of her slaughtering a cow.

Leave it to a Boy Scout

Sometimes camping gets a little too practical. This kid spent his time thinking about how many hot dogs he could cook at once without ever considering if anyone actually wants to eat a rake dog.

It’s definitely an ingenious way of getting things done quickly, but half the fun of camping is taking your time and doing things the old-fashioned way. There’s nothing wrong with the classic hotdog on a stick. The kid absolutely deserves a merit badge, but he probably doesn’t need his own cooking show!

What Nature is All About

If you want your kids to really enjoy camping, you’re gonna have to drag them out to the literal middle of nowhere. Phone reception is just getting too good these days. But hey, at least they’re outside—you’ve got to pick your battles with kids, right?

Hopefully, when they’re a little older, these kids will actually appreciate being in the great outdoors. But for now, they’re just proving that kids are absolutely addicted to their phones. At least this heavy phone session made for one hilarious picture we all could enjoy! But for real—turn off that phone!

Shoot for the Moon

The lake can be a really fun outdoor activity, but it gets boring eventually. This kid thought she’d try her luck with the air instead, but something tells me she’ll be crashing back down to earth soon.

This is a textbook example of a photo timed to hilarious perfection. We imagine that her inevitable splash is going to hurt, but for this one frozen moment in time, she’s flying high. Something tells me she won’t be taking up water skiing any time soon—or at least not without a ton of practice!

Land, Air, Water–This Boat Does It All

I hope this picture was worth it. Because it’s definitely awesome, but your neck and the hull of your boat are about to be really angry with you. Let’s hope that they’ve got great health insurance because they’re going to need it after this!

This picture, as hilarious as it might be, just raises so many questions in our minds. We understand the concept of a boat getting air, but how did it end up in this position? It looks like there is nothing but dry land behind them! Mother Nature is full of mysteries, and we guess this is just another one.

Big Bike Babes, Man

Who even rides a bike like this? The level of staged is too much. We just have a hard time believing that a woman that looks this good is down for a drive through the mud. It just doesn’t add up!

Now, there’s no denying that this made for a great picture that’s sure to rack up lots of likes, but is anyone actually buying this? Because we sure aren’t! The great outdoors aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine—just don’t try to be something you’re not…or you’ll end up with a ridiculous picture like this.

When Nature Calls

Listen–do you want BBQ and cold beer or not? Because beggars don’t get to be choosers in the great outdoors. Just keep telling yourself that they cleaned this thoroughly before chowing down. We’re sure someone who could think this up is big on hygiene…probably.

This is definitely the most creative way we’ve seen someone cook a meal in the great outdoors, but how is this easier (or cleaner) than a good old-fashioned grill and cooler? Sometimes the simplest way to do things is the best, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to this toilet/grill/cooler abomination.

What Kind of Butterflies Are These?

Let’s hope that they’ve arranged themselves top to bottom from lightest to heaviest. Actually, no–let’s not hope that. They’re clearly asking for trouble. That’s a mighty impressive hammock setup assuming that it doesn’t come crashing down in the middle of the night.

But how exactly are the people in the upper hammocks supposed to actually get up there? Do you have to shimmy up the tree every time you want to take a nap? This all looks like way more trouble than it’s worth! We’ll stick to sleeping on the ground, thanks.

Balancing Act

When expanding outward isn’t option, you can always go up! Let’s just hope that what’s gone up stays up–but I’m not counting on it. We’re not sure why pulling the camper like a trailer wasn’t an option, but at this point it would probably be too much trouble to bring it down anyways.

This truck is packed so full of stuff that, honestly, we’re not sure if someone is just going camping or if they’re moving! Let’s hope they brought plenty of snacks for the road because there’s no way this tower of junk is surviving the drive-thru without taking off the roof of the building!

An Even Split

Listen, your wellbeing is neither here nor there–what’s important is that the cooler stays safe. You can still get drunk with a ripped crotch, but we can’t all get drunk with no beer! This is a man who clearly has is priorities straight.

It very much looks like this boat in the picture is motorized, so we’re not sure why they couldn’t just move back toward the shore just a little. However, then we wouldn’t have gotten such a fabulous impromptu gymnastics routine for this gentleman. Let’s just hope he finally made it on the boat safe and sound!

Use Your Head

When it comes to surviving in the great outdoors, never pack more than you need–it will just weigh you down. As long as you don’t want even a remotely good night’s sleep, a head tent is much more “practical”. It almost seems easier and more comfortable just to sleep outside entirely.

We imagine that these tiny tents probably sell like hotcakes thanks to the novelty factor, but we also bet that plenty of people seriously regret their purchase once they actually try to use them in the great outdoors. At least you get a funny photo out of it!

Worlds Collide

For the guy, this is the camping experience of a lifetime. For the lion, this is just lunch. This might be the start of a beautiful cross-species friendship, but, more than likely, this is the start of a safari bloodbath.

We’re not sure what we would go through our minds if faced with a situation like this, but we imagine that we’d probably be kicking ourselves for not putting the gun closer to the tent. This is one instance where you would absolutely want to be armed to the teeth!

Feel the Wind on Your Face

You may think this is cheating, but you’ve clearly never camped in the South. I’m just upset I haven’t thought of this one before! If there’s one camping upgrade we would want in the heat of summer, an air-conditioned tent is definitely it!

We’re not entirely sure how effective this would actually cool your tent—it’s not like tents are made to be airtight or anything. However, it’s definitely worth a try if you find yourself in the great outdoors with the sun bearing down on you! Just don’t forget to bring an extra-long extension cord!

Tent or Blanket?

Hey, if then tent is covering you, does it really need to be put up properly? I guess not technically, but a lot less people will laugh at you if you put your tent upright. This is definitely not the comfiest way to get a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

By the looks of things, this may have been an instance where their tent fell over in the middle of the night, but considering some of the crazy (and lazy) things people try in the wilderness, we can never really be sure. Let’s just hope that someone helped them get that thing off the ground eventually.

A Tight Fit

I’m no horse expert, but I’m pretty sure they need a trailer more than they need a tent. And I bet he didn’t even remove his horseshoes, so now the tent is full of dirt. We’re no equestrian professionals, but why would you need to bring your horse camping in the first place?

We feel for whoever has to share a tent with this horse because you know he’s gonna hog all the space. And let’s hope that this horse isn’t a sleepwalker, or you might find yourself getting trampled in the middle of the night! Horses are not exactly known to be the best camping buddies.


He may not have made a smart choice, but the man definitely made a choice with this one. Let’s hope that bike can make him as happy as she did. Something tells me this relationship isn’t going to survive the camping trip!

We can understand having the desire to keep your bike protected from the elements, but who in their right mind actually thinks you need to cuddle a bike to keep it safe? If anything, this woman dodged a real bullet here—no one that’s this into a bike is good relationship material!

When in Doubt, Improvise

We get it–GoPros are expensive. But is this really the best alternative? It’s obviously the funniest…but the best? And even if this DIY bike camera does work as intended, where are you going to take the camera to get the photos developed these days?

If anything, this makeshift camera could probably use a little more duct tape or something that’s going to secure it to the bike a little better. As it stands, that camera is one good bump from flying off and being lost in the forest forever. Then we would all miss out on those sweet action shots!

Camping Jenga

There’s so much wrong with this image, but all I want to do is to yell at them to wash their dirty feet. Someone’s gonna die sleeping like this, and that’s probably for the best. There’s probably a story behind this photo, but we definitely don’t want to know it!

Whatever is going on here, we would wager a guess that alcohol was somehow involved. There’s just too much bad judgment going on in this shot for everyone to be sober. I guess if you’re short on money, this might be a great way to save a few bucks on tents!

This Baby Has Seen Some Things

After a day or two of camping, everyone pretty much starts looking like this baby. He clearly inherited his “looks” from his dad. We love the great outdoors as much as the next person, but it’s definitely time to pack it up once you start looking this rough.

He looks like he could use a nap, and we don’t blame this baby for wanting to spend all day in the tent—the great outdoors can be a lot to take in! But at least give the man some privacy, and don’t let him look like a fool in the see-through mesh!

Tempting Fate

The fail in this one is not so much what these people are doing–they clearly know how to scale a rock face. But rather, the fail is whatever combination of life events that led them to think this was a good idea in the first place.

It’s one thing to be an adrenaline junkie, but this is just getting ridiculous. At this point, these people are one poorly tied knot away from plummeting to their deaths while they sleep. Camping is supposed to be relaxing and floating above the air hundreds is anything but!

Burn, Baby, Burn

So someone had the intelligence to build a nice-looking and useful stick hut but not enough intelligence to put it a little further away from the fire? Humans truly are interesting creatures. And this one human that’s about to be a charred creature too!

It seems like that fire is in some sort of portable pit, which means that moving it safely away from the hut should be a pretty simple prospect. And considering that the ground behind the hut seems to be covered in dry leaves, they might want to give that a try ASAP

Redefining PortaPotty

Hey, we can laugh at this all we want, but I’m sure there will come a time when all of us will wish we had a portable toilet attached to our vehicles. It’s honestly not the worst idea ever. But until that time comes, laugh away.

That being said, carting around a bucket of human filth attached to your truck doesn’t seem like the way we want to spend our camping trip. This contraption definitely seems like something great to have in case of an emergency but also something to avoid until it’s absolutely necessary!

You’ve Got It a Little Backwards…

Okay, so this guy managed to get the gist of hauling a fishing boat, but it’s clear he’s still a little fuzzy on the finer details of the process. Specifically, the details around what actually goes in the water. He almost got it right, and I’m sure he’ll nail it next time!

Is this a case of breaks failing on the truck, or was this guy just really eager to get his boat in the water? Whatever the case, we can emphatically say that their day at the lake has officially been ruined. Those truck repairs are going to cost a fortune!


Hey, boats are expensive. So, you can either look longingly at the water from land, or you can improvise. These people clearly chose correctly. Or at least the ones who managed to captain these things without sinking them into the murky depths below!

We’ve got to give the most props to the kid boating in the refrigerator because that honestly looks way more secure and watertight than anything else in this photo. Hopefully, all these folks managed to make it to dry land safe and sound without any watery catastrophes! And hopefully, they’ll choose a real boat next time.