This is not your familiar kotopsy!

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Network users shared their unusual pets.

Many people love animals so much that they cannot deny themselves the pleasure of having four-legged friends at home. But not a single living person is a cat (cats will forgive me), and sometimes the number of pets’ paws increases, for example, to six, or vice versa, it decreases to zero. Yes, today we will talk about those owners who decided to have an unusual, even exotic animal. Unusual, but no less beloved!

I took my alpaca to the pet store to buy her a costume

Alien blue praying mantis

This is my pet Eugene crab!

He has been with me for over 8 years.

My home spider

My house beetle, Chalcosoma Caucasus


I took my pet ducks with me because they love to go shopping

They stopped at the shelf and looked at this toy for several minutes. I think now I know what they want for Christmas.


Meet my pet axolotl Luna!

My incredibly cute darlings Mara Sarah and Sani

Marys are rather large distant relatives of guinea pigs. And these charming rodents live in South America.


My pet rat Strawberry eats strawberries


Some breeds of animals familiar to us can also make no less a splash than a huge bug in the form of a pet!


I made tiny glasses for my pet snake

My pet toad Hypno

It’s just that my gecko Chloe is in my pocket.


Say hello to Pickle, my pet hedgehog



Meet my European mantis friend Artemis


She is my first pet praying mantis.

My home chickens Pip and Jewel

My new boyfriend!

Animals can be so emotional that literally everything they think about us can be seen on their “faces”.


Look what my friend



My fluffy little Paulie



Perhaps some of the pets presented can be a little scary, but you will agree how interesting it is to watch an atypical pet. It’s not every day that you get to watch a huge praying mantis, for example!