TOP 10: cool movies from the distant 90s!

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Top films of the 90s that everyone should watch

Nash includes the best cinema of the end of the 20th century. The most iconic, famous and favorite films that everyone should watch. Yes, there are a lot of them, but we chose and remembered the best ones especially for you. : we browse, remember, watch and review!

The Shawshank Redemption

Year 1994 | USA |Genre:drama, crime

Successful banker Andy Dufrain accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Having found himself in a prison called Shawshank, he faces cruelty and lawlessness reigning on both sides of the bars. Everyone who falls into these walls becomes their slave until the end of life. But Andy, armed with a lively mind and a kind soul, refuses to put up with the sentence of fate and begins to develop an incredibly daring plan for his liberation.

The Green Mile

Year  1999 | USA | Genre: fantasy, drama, crime, detective

Accused of a terrible crime, John Coffey finds himself in the death row block of the Cold Mountain prison. The new arrival had a striking height and was frighteningly calm, which, however, did not affect the attitude of the head of the block Paul Edgecomb, who was used to executing sentences, to him. The giant surprised everyone later when it turned out that he has incredible magical power…

Forrest Gump

Year 1994 |USA |Genre: drama, comedy

The story of his extraordinary life is told in the person of the main character Forrest Gump, a weak-minded harmless person with a noble and open heart.
In a fantastic way, he turns into a famous football player, a war hero, a successful businessman. He becomes a billionaire, but remains the same naive, stupid and kind. Forrest expects constant success in everything, and he loves a girl with whom he was friends in childhood, but reciprocity comes too late.

Schindler’s List

Year 1993 | USA | Genre: drama, biography, history

The film tells the real story of the mysterious Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party, a successful manufacturer, who saved almost 1,200 Jews during the Second World War. Such a picture could not bypass our list of the best films of the 90s. By the way, we have interesting material on our site about Bobruisk synagogues.


Year 1994 |France |Genre: thriller, drama, crime

A tough and cynical killer, Leon leads a closed and inhumane way of life. In his free time, the man does gymnastics and goes to musicals. His only friend is this indoor plant, which he diligently takes care of. Once in the life of the main character, a teenage girl lives in the neighborhood. Her father contacted a gang of sales policemen and owed them part of a batch of drugs, but never returned the stolen money. While the heroine Matilda was going to the store, a gang of cold-blooded police broke into their house and killed the whole family, not even leaving their four-year-old brother alive. Matilda finds out that Leon is a hired killer and admires it very much. She asks to teach her the killer’s craft in order to take revenge on her brother.

Fight Club

Year 1999 | USA, Germany |Genre: thriller, drama, crime

A clerk suffering from chronic insomnia and desperately trying to escape from a painfully boring life meets a certain Tyler Darden. Tyler believes that self-improvement is the lot of the weak, and self-destruction is the only thing worth living for. Bringing other men to the simple joys of physical cruelty, they found a secret Fighting Club, which is a huge success. But at the end of the film, everyone is waiting for a shocking discovery, which can lead to unpredictable events.

 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Year 1997 | Germany | Genre: drama, comedy, crime

Fate brings the heroes of the picture to the hospital, where the doctors give them the death sentence. Чет времени их жизей идет на часы. Further events in the film unfold at a rapid pace. Having stolen a car with a million German marks in the trunk, they run away from the hospital. They are pursued by hired killers, they become robbers involuntarily, the police chase them, they end up in a brothel. But nevertheless, they continue to rush forward, towards their destiny.

La vita è bella

Year 1997 |  Italy| Genre: drama, melodrama, comedy, military

During World War II, a Jewish father and his son were sent to concentration camps in Italy. The woman, Italian, voluntarily followed them. In the camp, the father told his son that everything happening around is a very big game for the prize of a real tank, which will go to the boy who can avoid being caught by the guards. He did everything to make his son believe in the game and stayed alive, hiding in the barracks.

Pulp Fiction

Year 1994 | USA | Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Crime

Two gangsters Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield spend time in philosophical conversations in between showdowns and “solving problems” with their boss’s debtors. There are 3 stories in the film. In the first one, Vincent babysits the boss’s wife, Mia, and saves her from a drug overdose. The second is about Butch Coolidge, a boxer hired by Wallace to get out of the fight, but tricked him. The third story combines the first two – in a cafe, a couple of young unsuccessful robbers – Pumpkin and Honey Bani attempt a robbery, but Jules stops them.

 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Year 1998 | UK | Genre: comedy, crime

Four young guys saved up £25,000 each so that one of them could play cards with an experienced sharpie and hardened criminal known as Harry the Axe. The guy ended up losing 500 thousand, he was given a week to pay off the debt.