20 Times People Spotted Such Strange Things On The Subway, They Had To Take A Photo (New Pics)

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The next stops are: Weirdville, Bizarretown, and Strangeburg! There’s something unique about subways, metros, and the tube that brings out the weirdest and funniest side of humanity. A side of us that you won’t find on any other form of transportation. Buses, cars, horseback riding, high-speed trains, and trams have nothing on subways. We can promise you that, 100%.

#1 I Found Her. She Is Alive

#2 A Guy Feeds A Kitten In The Subway

#3 Lesson Learnt

#4 This Man Was Sketching People On The Subway And Telling Them That They Are Beautiful

#5 Casual Day On The London Underground


#6 A Guy Brought His Peacock Onto The NYC Subway And No One Even Looked Up From Their Phones



#7 Springfield

#8 I’m Feeling Lucky

#9 Cat Scarf


#10 Just Santa Riding The Subway

#11 You Keep Doing You


#12 Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

#13 Taking Christmas To A Whole New Level

#14 Hmmm

#15 “How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety”. Interesting

#16 Saying Hey From The NYC Subway

#17 Just A Fox

#18 Duck And Cover

#19 Old Lady In A Subway


#20 Spotted On The Subway