20+ Winning Dog Photos From the 2022 Dog Photography Awards

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For the second year, the Dog Photography Awards shines a spotlight on the best pet photography around the globe. This annual contest shows the artistry behind capturing the spirit of our furry friends in all their forms. From high-action shots to dogs at work to pensive portraits, the winning photographs are a tribute to these special animals.

Created by dog photographers Audrey Bellot and Claudio Piccoli, the contest invites professional and amateur photographers to enter their work into four categories—Action, Portrait & Landscape, Studio, and Dogs & People. After a strong showing, the pool of finalists was whittled down to the top three photographs in each category.

Francesco Junior Mura was awarded the top prize in the Action category for his striking photo of a collie on an agility course. With its body nearly flat, this collie rockets itself over the initial hurdle of the event and Mura was able to perfectly capture the strength and power of the moment.

Border collie Kyron is the star of the image that won the Portrait & Landscape category. The pooch was photographed while training as an avalanche rescue dog. In this exercise, Kyron was digging out photographer Dalia Fichmann, who was shadowing a rescue team in Switzerland. Right as the dog dug its way through the snow, she was able to snap this incredible portrait showing the intense concentration of the border collie at work.

In the Studio category, Su Kaye plays with our expectations of pet photography with an innovative take on a portrait. By capturing the underside of the French bulldog’s neck, we’re treated to the squishy wrinkles that are part of its unique character. Taking this artistic risk paid off with a win in the category.

Check out even more dog photography below; and, if you want to try your hand at capturing the spirit of your pet, check out the My Modern Met Academy online course on pet photography by renowned photographer Belinda Richards.

Check out the winners of the 2022 Dog Photography Awards.

Pet photographers were asked to submit their work to one of four categories.

The photos highlight all aspects of our canine friends—from cute portraits at rest to dynamic action shots.