Former Police Dog Barks At Tree Continuously, Raising Suspicions Among Investigators

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Born as an ex-police dog, this pup Kyle had his mind imprinted with loyalty even as a pup. Kyle is a now old German shepherd who relieved of work as a police dog and was now living his last days in the beautiful countryside with a great view and in the loving care of a couple who fell in love with him at first sight. It is obvious that the dog with how active he still is misses his many years as a police dog. Most of all the human partner he had spent years was raking with, who he had developed a deep bond with.

Kyle has spent most of his life as John’s cop partner. Helping the police force solve countless cases of murder and finding missing people. Would it ever be possible for Kyle to go back to his glory days?

Born with No Worries

Being born for a particular purpose, Kyle already had his entire destiny set in stone. He had no knowledge of it when he was born, he did however find out his path in life later. Kyle was born a happy pup with no worries was born.

At first, Kyle was an inexperienced puppy, but he was growing up. Kyle knew he had an important mission ahead of him. He was born into a family of dogs who had police service in past years. Of course, Kyle dreamed of being like his parents. And he managed to make his family proud of him. But, unfortunately, not all of his brothers and sisters were able to become police officers.

Kyle was trained before he could enter the service. It wasn’t easy because he was young and wayward.

Kyle would be very good-natured in attacking and searching for explosives. But it soon turned out that he was smart and obedient. He quickly assimilated new knowledge and skills. Kyle had everything necessary for successful service in the police, namely interest and intelligence.

small german shepherd puppy with a toy

However Kyle had trouble being truly aggressive towards people. He was a sweet dog at heart and would be able to live as one whenever he left the life of a police dog.

He was often exempt from tasks that involved taking down opponents or for a fierce protection of the police agent he ended up working with. There was nothing that could be done to it, he was just a sweet and kind dog, who excelled in other ways. A great sense of smell and other sharper reflexes, there was not much else lacking.
The dog’s excellence was quickly recognized, earning him a post as a completely licensed cop dog. Although he still had not enough passion for ability to be aggressive, it was believed that he would work on it with time.

He was the only one among his siblings that was able to truly get over strict workouts and make it into the position of being a dog on the police force, becoming the pride of his mother who was also formerly a cop dog and it was just the beginning of his journey.

Kyle had hidden fears and insecurities when he joined the police full-time. It seemed like fear of the undiscovered, fear of not being strong sufficient to protect others and fear of not being capable.

No longer with his family, Kyle only spent his days working with no time to play. Soon, however, Kyle met the human that made everything seem better for him and his fears were quickly forgotten. He’d been paired up with John, who he immediately felt a companionship with. One that grew into a bond.

Many people talk about love when it comes to the relationship between a dog and a person, but what we often don’t know is about the connection that forms between a dog and a person. The connection formed between these two is never easily broken.

It is usually a norm for police dogs to work with as many officers in the force as possible, but it became noted that Kyle was only ever in his true form when he was paired up with John. So it was decided that it was better they were left together as they were great partners.

Police dogs usually live in police families. This is necessary in order for the dog to feel belonging, need and love. Kyle was placed randomly in the family. At first it was unusual for him that he was not taught hugs and kisses, but he eventually got them too. It was a perfect match!

Kyle felt like the only favorite in the family because he was well taken care of. But one day the couple found out that soon they would have a baby. The changes were inevitable. Some parents do not want dogs to be near babies because of the possible aggression of dogs. Everyone knows how jealous dogs can be! This also applied to Kyle. The couple did not want to risk the baby’s health.

Despite the fact that they loved Kyle very much, the couple decided to give him away. They asked the police to find a new home for the dog. John, of course, on the one hand was upset by the news, and on the other he was happy with his decision to keep Kyle.

John instantly made the decision to take Kyle to him. On the same day, John brought the dog to his apartment. It was a small and suited bachelor life. John had an only wife and it was a job. It was enough space for Kyle and John, who immediately started to live like roommates who did everything together.

The life of a police dog is a constant training and consolidation of skills for the protection and capture of criminals. Kyle was an experienced dog and a true professional. John and Kyle achieved good results all the time, so they had a good reputation. They did not sit without work!

շBut one day an extraordinary thing happened on a walk. Suddenly, Kyle turned from a quiet domestic dog into a working police dog. Rage welled up in him. Kyle stopped and became alert. And then he buried his nose in the ground and began to look for something. He was so engrossed in the process that he didn’t notice Thomas.

Now Kyle was sniffing the territories every walk. He was obsessed with it. He liked to find small animals, old lost things and toys. Nothing could hide from Kyle’s keen nose. Finally, Thomas saw Kyle as a cheerful and energetic dog again. One day he went into the depths of the forest.

This time the mission was not as simple as the previous ones. He felt an unusual smell, but could not find its source. He sniffed and sniffed, but the smell slipped away, and then disappeared completely. Because of the unsolved mystery, Kyle became more restless every day. Something had to be done about it.
He was dying of impatience to find the source of the smell. Thomas had to lure Kyle back with his favorite treats. Kyle absolutely refused to obey. Nothing seemed to be able to help Kyle become disciplined again. Suddenly Kyle stopped sniffing and froze, staring at the tree. So many oddities!

He was dying of impatience to find the source of the smell. Thomas had to lure Kyle back with his favorite treats. Kyle absolutely refused to obey. Nothing seemed to be able to help Kyle become disciplined again. Suddenly Kyle stopped sniffing and froze, staring at the tree. So many oddities!

It’s incredible, but there were remains in the village. Thomas couldn’t name exactly which ones, but they were definitely there. Thomas no longer doubted that he was at the crime scene that Kyle had discovered. He was terrified and Thomas decided to stay away from this tree. It was necessary to call the police urgently.

Thomas shivered. He took out his phone and, without a shadow of a doubt, immediately called John. He couldn’t speak properly from excitement, but he was still able to tell what he found in that tree. Thomas asked me to come and help immediately. Of course, John immediately called the criminologists and went with them to the crime scene.

The drive to the new house where Kyle lived took more than two hours. John couldn’t believe how far away his former partner now lived. They haven’t seen each other since Kyle left for the country. John worked seven days a week and couldn’t find time to visit the old buddy. John, of course, felt guilty.

But it was needed to start working immediately. Kyle knew that, too. They both wanted to solve the crime as soon as possible. There was a skeleton in the tree, it was necessary to find out who it belonged to. John went to the tree and began to peel off the bark. And what he saw, no one could have guessed!

John was so shocked by the find that he decided to immediately call his boss and tell him everything. He took his phone out of his pocket and started calling. But suddenly, fellow criminologists asked John to stop and not do it. Just one glance from them was enough to figure out who the skeleton belonged to.
It usually takes at least a week to determine who the bones belong to. But not in this case. It took a few seconds here! The fact is that the bones were plastic, not real. It was someone’s incredible Halloween prank. It would be funny if it didn’t cause so much horror and fear. It was the work of an experienced scarecrow!
Definitely, this skeleton was put here to make fun of someone who lived nearby. On the one hand, John was glad that it turned out to be a false alarm, but on the other hand, he was worried about Kyle. So many years of impeccable service and suddenly his partner confused an artificial skeleton with real bones. Maybe he did it on purpose so that John would come to him?
John looked at his friend, who was still happy to meet him and jumped with delight. At that moment, John understood everything completely. Of course it wasn’t the skeleton! John couldn’t help but laugh. It was a clever plan to lure John to visit. John looked into Kyle’s eyes and saw confirmation of his speculation. Kyle looked lovingly at his former partner and snuggled up to him.
Kyle was such a smart dog that he thought of everything in advance. He knew that if he played the investigation, John would definitely come to him. When he moved to the village, he realized that there was no better place for this performance to be found.

John was very touched by Kyle’s dedication. They went for a long walk together. And while they were walking, John and Kyle seemed to have been in the past. Before leaving, John promised Kyle to visit him often. John has not broken his promise since then.