How to reuse and recycle plastic

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Several people use plastic in their day-to-day lives and as such, there is so much plastic that gets disposed off. These plastics are used to store detergent, as water bottles, food containers, among many others. The fact that we highly depend on plastic means that we should make an effort to recycle and reuse them as much as possible. DIY projects are a cost-effective method of minimizing your environmental impact.

Here are examples of ways in which you could reuse or recycle plastic.

1. Reuse those coffee creamer containers for storing snacks
When you’re done using your creamer containers, you could repurpose them into containers for storing your snacks. These containers make it easier for you to carry different types of food around. You could also use them to store your salt, sugar and such products.

2. Make watering cans out of detergent bottles
Instead of buying watering cans, how about using what you already have. When you’re finally out of detergent, use the empty container as a watering can. Punch or drill some holes into it, it’s as simple as that. You could remove the detergent labels only because it’s just a little weird to be spotted pouring what will appear to others as detergent into your plants.

3. Turn large plastic bottles into gardens
Instead of throwing away those two-liter plastic bottles that may be lying around your house, how about using them as a garden. Start by removing the label and then properly clean the bottle. Using a sharp object, poke some holes on the bottle that will be used for drainage. Do this in the top third part of your bottle. Poke another hole nearly halfway down in the side of your bottle. Use a piece of paper to wrap around the bottle , trace a cutting line all round and then following that line, cut through the bottle. Take the bottle top and flip it over then insert a fabric strip making sure it’s in contact with the soil and there you have it.

4. Make a piggy bank
You can also make a piggy bank for your little ones using a plastic bottle. You can do this by painting the entire bottle so that the amount inside it remains a surprise. You can also leave it transparent in case your little one wants to see the progress of their savings.

5. Use a laundry detergent container to make a beach bucket
It’s never that much fun to look at clothes that need to be washed. However, the more you wash them the more you empty your laundry detergent bottle. When it’s completely empty, cut it up into a beach bucket. Believe us, it will work just as well as a normal beach bucket would.

6. Make a trash can out of a plastic bottle
You could always cut the top part of larger plastic containers so that you’re left with the cylindrical bottom part which you can use as a trash can.

Through the above ideas, you will be able to minimize your environmental footprint and will also be able to save a